1. Manuscripts of articles are sent in 2 copies of computer text printed on one side of a standard A4 sheet (210 g/295 mm), with a copy on CD. Computer typing should be performed without formatting and hyphenation in the text format ANSII (Microsoft Word,  parameter "DOS Text") with a size of 14 at 1.5 line intervals (double typewriting interval) and with standard fields. On page 1, the initials, surname of the author, title of the article, and the institution from which the article is issued, are specified.

2. The article is signed by the head of the institution, and it is accompanied by a cover letter on a pre-printed form of the institution from which the article is issued. The last page of the text of the article is signed by all the authors with the indication of the full name, postal address, phone number (office or home) and E-mail.

3. The volume of the original work should not exceed 10 pages of typewritten text, lectures – 8-10 pages, literature reviews – 18-20 pages, reviews, сhronicles – 4-5 pages, personalia - 2-3. When preparing review articles, please, include mainly publications of recent years into the list of references.

4. The plan for structure of the articles should be as follows: a brief introduction that reflects the state of the issue at the time of writing the article, the objectives of this study, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions by items, list of references, summary, keywords.

5. Photos should be contrasting, and illustrations, drawings, graphs, and diagrams should be clear. On the back of the illustration, write its serial number, the author's surname, the title of the article and the designations of "top" or " bottom''.

6. Each illustration should have a common title and abbreviations.

7. Tables should have a title and clearly marked columns that are easy to read. The table data must match the data in the text.

8. In the text of the article, references to figures and tables are given in appropriate places. On the margins of the manuscript their location in the text is indicated.

9. The author must mark all formulas and individual symbols in the article.

10. All physical values are recommended to be specified in the international SI system. When preparing the article, it is necessary to take into account the rules for using symbols, abbreviations, signs, etc. recommended by the Biochemical Nomenclature Commission.

11. Bibliographic references in the text of the article are specified in square brackets by numbers in the continuous numbering in accordance with the list of references for the article. It is desirable to include works of domestic and foreign authors for the last 7 – 8 years in the list of references, and earlier works can be included only in special cases. In lectures, bibliographic references are not provided in the text. These articles are accompanied by the literature recommended for this issue, arranged in alphabetical order without numbers.

12. The list of cited literature includes the follows:

а) for books — surname and initials of the author, full title of the book, place and year of publication, pages "from" and "to'',

b) for journal articles - surname and initials of the author, journal title, year, volume, number, pages "from" and " to»,

c) for dissertations - surname and initials of the author, full name of the work, candidate's or doctor's degree, year, place of publication.

13. The summary in Russian and English, 2/3 pages long, should provide understanding of the main provisions of the article. When making a summary, the names of all authors and the title of the article are indicated.

14. The editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles.

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